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Our vision

The implementation of the new lease accounting standard ASC 842 means CFOs and CPAs must quickly and efficiently adapt to the challenges in order to be compliant and focus on their business.

Our mission

We have developed a packaged solution which addresses this vision. It allows CFOs to integrate the impact of the new standard with their financial strategy and allows CPAs to deal efficiently with the production of annual financial statements for their clients.

We have clients of all sizes


Our expertise

We have supported many companies, some centralized, some decentralized whose users speak many different languages all over the world.

Our expertise has allowed us to address all these particulars thanks to our services offer, adapted to each client’s needs.

Our technology

ASC 842 is built on a disruptive digital platform that allows a rapid customization to meet client's needs.

For example, you can simply use only our BI and EPM capabilities, or our data quality system and our powerful workflow system as well as many other capabilities.

"Simplicity is our Mantra"

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